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About Us

MikyHost Company at a Glance

MikyHost was founded on 2020-10-05 and provides shared hosting, reseller hosting, semi-dedicated and virtual hosting in Canada, United States, Brazil, Nigeria, Ukraine, Finland, China, India, Indonesia, Australia. We leverage our extensive knowledge of web hosting and software development to create reliable standalone solutions. We believe that the best hosting solutions are the ones where the service itself knows how to recover from common problems, as opposed to other hosts that require repairs from people. Even with this automation, we monitor the health of all our servers every minute for any potential issues.

  • Data quality review
  • Safe work environment
  • 24x7 . support
  • Stability
  • Management team
  • Technology support
  • Integration ready
  • Tons of assets
  • Compliance driven processes
  • Labor management
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Our servers are located in Several countries Like :

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