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You get best-in-class performance with an Premium AMD and a fast NVMe SSD.

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Here's the Best Cheap VPS Package from MikyHost.

VCPUs Memory Storage Bandwidth Harga
1 Premium AMD vCPUs 1 GB RAM 25 GB SSD NVMe 1 TB


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1 Premium AMD vCPUs 2 GB RAM 50 GB SSD NVMe 2 TB


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2 Premium AMD vCPUs 2 GB RAM 60 GB SSD NVMe 3 TB


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2 Premium AMD vCPUs 4 GB RAM 80 GB SSD NVMe 4 TB


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2 Premium AMD vCPUs 8 GB RAM 100 GB SSD NVMe 5 TB


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4 Premium AMD vCPUs 8 GB RAM 160 GB SSD NVMe 5 TB


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4 Premium AMD vCPUs 16 GB RAM 200 GB SSD NVMe 8 TB


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8 Premium AMD vCPUs 16 GB RAM 320 GB SSD NVMe 6 TB


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8 Premium AMD vCPUs 32 GB RAM 400 GB SSD NVMe 10 TB


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Best VPS Platform from MikyHost

SSD Disk Drives

The best dedicated server equipped with the latest Intel Xeon processor, SSD disk space terabytes.

-+1000 Mb/s Network

The success of an online business is also determined by the server used. With MikyHost.com VPS hosting, website loading will be faster.

Full Root Access

Thanks to full root access, you can control the server quickly and easily. In order for VPS hosting power to be maximized effectively, you must at least understand the technical knowledge first.

Dedicated IP

One of the premium features of VPS hosting is a dedicated IP address. Even the cheapest packages are equipped with dedicated IPv4 & IPv6 Internet protocols.

IPv6 Support

Cheap VPS packages at MikyHost.com are equipped with a dedicated IPv6 Internet protocol. With a dedicated IP, all scripts & extensions that you have can work as quickly as possible.

3 day money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with MikyHost.com's service, we will refund your money in full. So, why are you still doubting us?

Operating System Templates

VPS hosting with maximum speed & stability



Questions and answers about cheap VPS hosting & virtual private servers.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. As the name suggests, a VPS is a private server. That means this service is exclusively yours. This service provides a number of resources that you can use yourself and do not need to share with other users, as if you had a dedicated private server but in a virtual form.

In this case, 'virtual' refers to a partition or partition on a physical server that is dedicated to you. This virtual server allows you to gather root access, install the required OS, and manage websites without any restrictions.

You just need to focus on the website. We will handle the back-end, physical server management, guarantee speed, uptime, and stability.

Actually, these two services are the same, but there are some basic things that set them apart. VPS servers allow you to create multiple instances on a single dedicated server. VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server also does the same thing, but uses all the space on the dedicated server.

Virtual Private Server hosting is the best option at a friendly price for large-scale websites. This service offers a large number of dedicated resources and can also be managed, as if you had a dedicated physical server at a low price.

Cloud computing or cloud computing is the process of using resources through a network of remote servers that are connected to each other rather than through a dedicated device. Cloud computing requires fast internet. By using sophisticated software, cloud computing can operate various application requests efficiently.

This computing system is able to manage, process, and store data like a regular server. Some of the advantages that cloud computing offers: flexible, scalable, robust, stable, and smooth migration.

There are several things that make VPS hosting the best choice for a particular project. In short, if you want a lot of resources and the best stability, then a cheap VPS at MikyHost.com is the answer.

First, VPS hosting provides dedicated resources. That means you don't have to share CPU power, RAM, or disk space with other users. You already have a number of resources allocated to manage as needed.

Virtual server hosting ensures stability. Because all resources have been managed and allocated to users evenly, you don't have to worry if there are users who use more resource capacity. This will in no way affect the stability of your server.

Finally, the most significant difference from VPS hosting is the high price of the services offered. In this service, you get root access and full control over the given resources. This shows that you can install various operating systems, create high-resource websites, and much more. You don't necessarily get all of this on shared hosting. Unfortunately, the customer support team can only help when you have questions regarding VPS hosting management and other back-end matters.

VPS hosting and Shared hosting have some similarities, but basically they are two different services.

Shared hosting packages are intended for small-scale projects and websites, such as personal blogs and other similar websites. The use of large amounts of resources or high traffic can affect server performance and cause problems. Shared hosting is very appropriate when used by novice users and is fully managed. Customer Support will be ready to help you if technical problems are found when operating the website or developing projects.

VPS hosting, on the other hand, provides dedicated resources so you don't have to share resources with other users. Each virtual private server hosting package allows you to control resources. Control CPU, Burst RAM, manage root access, and install required OS. The drawback of VPS lies in the assistance it provides. Although we handle back-end affairs and monitor servers, maintain 24/7, assistance from customer support is limited. We will answer every question regarding VPS servers and control panels, but we don't deal with programming languages, coding, and other similar things.

Virtual server hosting is more intended for users who already understand coding and other programming languages. If you only create a simple website, the best choice is shared hosting or premium hosting.

However, if you want great computing power and maximum control, VPS hosting offers you the dedicated servers you need. Intensive websites, web applications, online game servers, databases and other large-scale projects are the types of websites that you can create on a cheap VPS hosting service. In VPS hosting Indonesia, you can install the OS you need and take advantage of root access.

VPS hosting is a semi-managed service which means if you encounter a problem, then you have to solve it by reading articles or guides in the knowledge base or basic knowledge and tutorials, and not directly asking for help from the customer support team.

VPS hosting gives full control to its users. To use all the power provided effectively, you inevitably have to understand the technical stuff very well.

VPS hosting is a semi-managed service. Our customer support team will do their best to answer any of your questions, especially those related to the back-end or control panel. However, our team will not help with matters regarding website creation on a VPS server as well as various questions about the front-end.

Of course there will be questions that arise when you read information about VPS hosting. One example is like this: there are many users on the same dedicated server running a virtual private server. Can this user access my data? Questions like this are, of course, perfectly normal. And to answer that, we make sure that your data is safe. All VPS hosting services are protected with special software.

In addition, all MikyHost.com servers are equipped with BitNinja and additional DDoS protection. Other custom built tools are also tasked with monitoring and securing our entire service infrastructure.

All VPS hosting packages come with a dedicated IP address.

yes, We open Port 25,465,587.

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